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September 2017

Improvement begins with I.
Arnold Glasow
(American author, 1905-1998)

Special Interest


What Not To Do In A Disaster
Zaria Gorvett

You may have done CPR, exited a building in countless fire drills, learned water safety or set 911 on speed dial. Good. But, in a real disaster it’s estimated that 80-90% of people do not react appropriately. Overcoming our human nature could help you survive one. Read...

The World’s most famous desktop background
Abigail Cain

You’ll recognize it when you see it. Here’s the background on the background. Read...

Nature’s Best Wayfinding secrets
Sommer Mathis

Nature is amazing and if you pay attention you can learn to navigate with the help of the moon, stars, trees, and even birds. Naturalist author Tristan Gooley was interviewed by Sommer Mathis of Atlas Obscura and with the help of illustrator Chelsea Beck, they have put together a short guide to understanding a few of nature’s wayfinding secrets. Read and view...

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Featured this month ...

The Annual Accountability Statement FY 2016-17 program has closed. Find out the results at OEFC Minutes

Learn more about the skills and gifts which migrants, immigrants, refugees bring to the U.S. at Immigration Resources

Why do some people always run late? Find out at Health & Wellness

Check out the grants that have been issued for ongoing education/formation pursuits at On the Trail

Battling pornography and exposing its myths is the topic of discussion this month at Child Protection

The focus in on passports this month at Immigration Alerts

We're headed into Fall and Winter with events and resources to keep you busy at Datebook Plus

   Moving ahead ...

September 15-24: Welcoming Week
During this annual series of events, communities bring together immigrants, refugees, and native-born residents to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone. Event tools, lists of participating cities, and tips on how to host an event are available
at Welcoming America.

September 15 – October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
Share in this special annual tribute by learning and celebrating the generations of Hispanic and Latino Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Visit the Hispanic Heritage Month website here.

October 5: Feast Day of Sts. Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz
Honor and celebrate the Society’s founder Saint Arnold Janssen and the ideal missionary Saint Joseph Freinademetz.

October 8-14: Fire Prevention Week
Fire Prevention Week is on record as the longest running public health observance. You'll find more details about the week—including the truth about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow—at the
National Fire Protection Association.

October 9: Columbus Day
Columbus Day is a U.S. federal holiday celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. The holiday has been fixed to the second Monday in October since 1970. Before then it was celebrated on Columbus' actual landing date—October 12.

November 3-12: National Peanut Festival
The nation’s largest peanut festival is held each fall in Dothan, Alabama—Peanut Capital of the World—to to honor local peanut farmers and to celebrate the harvest season. This year they’re even paving 3,800 parking spaces to accommodate visitors. For more information and schedule of events go to The National Peanut Festival.

November 5-11: National Vocation Awareness Week
This week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the U.S. is dedicated to promoting vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. News releases, prayer cards, video clips, and other resources are available through USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). Parishes might also consider establishing a Five Star Program, developed by Serra USA, which focuses on developing religious and priestly vocations.

November 16: National Button Day
Yes, there’s a day for this and a Society too. The history of button collecting, information on conventions, and links to all sorts of button-themed events can be found at the National Button Society's website.

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