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AAS Reaches 100% Compliance
The Annual Accountability Statement (AAS) program for Fiscal Year 2016-17 has received 100% compliance and is now officially--and successfully--closed. By their Statements, USC Province members continue to acknowledge their commitment to personal ongoing education/formation. To each of the members...Thank You. If you would like a copy of the weekly AAS Report FY 2016-17, please contact Kathy Borresen, Education Office Coordinator.

OEFC Members Announced for the 2017-20 Triennium
We are pleased to welcome back all of the OEFC Members. The Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation extends their appreciation and thanks to Jim Bergin, Jim Braband (chairman), Kathy Borresen, George (Jerzy) Gawlik, Dan Holman and Mark Weber for their past service and willingness to continue in their vital roles on this committee during this Triennium.

Next OEFC Meeting: To be determined
If you would like an issue placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting, please contact Jim Braband, OEFC Chairman. Minutes from the last meeting (April 27, 2017) can be reviewed at the links below.

Below on the right are overviews of the Saving Valuable Dollars: Finance Seminars and Study Day workshops with links to their respective schedules and photos. These events are sponsored by the OEFC.

As always, thank you for your interest and support
of the Ongoing Education/Formation Committee's efforts.


Minutes of OEFC Meetings

OEFC Meetings held to date

April 27, 2017 (Meeting #51)
  Provincial Correspondence Received
  Financial Reports
  Continuing Education Chicago Province Annual Report for 2016
  Annual Accountability Process for Fiscal Year  2016-17
  Ongoing Education Website Updates/Review
OEFC Membership for the 2017-2020Triennium

October 13, 2016 (Meeting cancelled)

April 7, 2016 (Meeting #50)
  Provincial Correspondence Received
  Financial Reports
  Continuing Education Chicago Province Annual Report for 2015
  Annual Accountability Process for Fiscal Year  2015-16
  Ongoing Education Website Updates/Review

October 22, 2015 (Meeting #49)
  Annual Accountability Statements for Fiscal Years 2014-15 and 2015-16
  Financial Reports
  Updated Plans for Saving Valuable Dollars Finance Seminar #8
  Discontinuation of Just the Ticket Newsletter Column
  Black Apostolate Resources

May 1, 2015 (Meeting #48)
  Documents Acknowledged and Discussed by Provincial Council
  Follow-up Items from OEFC Meeting #47: Grant Application Timeline;
  Grant Application Funding Limits
  Proposed AAS Policy/Protocol
  AAS Process for FY 2014-15
  Grant Reports: July 1, 2014 thru April 20, 2015; FY 2015-16
  Webpage Postings for Immigration Resources
  Website Review: Summer Listings, Resource Directory
  Plans for Saving Valuable Dollars #8

October 30, 2014 (Meeting #47)
  OEFC 2014-17 Appointments
  Ongoing Education/Formation Grant Report FY 2013-14
  SVD #7 Finance Seminar: Evaluation, Expense Report
  Grants for Travel Expenses
  Grant Application Policies & Procedures: Timeline for Applying; Funding
  Annual Accountability Statement Report (FY 2013-14): Final Report; Change
  in Current Protocol
  Community Based Ongoing Education Program: History, Compliance,
  Datebook Plus: Controversial Listing(s)

March 18, 2014 (Meeting # 46)
  SVD Finance Seminars
  SVD Study Days: History and Discontinuation
  OEFC Province Committee Report for 2013
  Parish Prophetic Dialogue
  Ongoing Education/Formation Grants vs. Certificate/Degree
  Program Funding
  Ongoing Education Policies & Procedures
  Website Highlights
  OEFC Membership for 2014-2017 Triennium

September 24, 2013 (Meeting # 45)
  Study Day #14 Leadership Workshop: Evaluation Report
Study Day #14 Leadership Workshop: Expense Report
  Study Day Overview: 1992 to 2013
  Provincial Letter Regarding the Ongoing Education/Formation Report
  Ongoing Education Report for FY 2012-13
  Ongoing Education Report for FY 2013-14
  Ongoing Education Presentation at Local Superiors' Meeting
  Annual Accountability Statement Report (FY 2012-13)
  Saving Valuable Dollars #6
  Follow-up: Catholic Leadership Program: Good Leaders, Good Shepherds
  USC Mentor Program: Ongoing Discussion

April 9, 2013 (Meeting # 44)
  Annual Accountability Statement Program
  Grants: FY 2011-12, FY 2012-13
  OEFC Annual Report
  Parish Prophetic Dialogue
  Study Day #14 (aka Leadership Workshop)
  SVD (Saving Valuable Dollars) Finance Seminar #5
  Catholic Leadership Program: Good Leaders, Good Shepherds
  Overview of the Ongoing Education Presentation for the Local
  Superior's Meeting


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Saving Valuable Dollars
Finance Seminars

Recap / Overview

SVD #7: September 30-October 2, 2014
Schedule   Photos

SVD #6: October 7-9, 2013
Schedule   Photos

SVD #5: June 4-6, 2012
Schedule   Photos

SVD #4: November 17-19, 2008
Schedule   Photos

SVD #3: June 10-13, 2007
Schedule   Photos

SVD #2: June 11-14, 2006

SVD #1: June 27-30, 2004


Study Days

Study Day
Recap / Overview

Study Day #14: April 17-19, 2013
SVD Leadership Workshop & 17th General Chapter
Schedule   Photos

Study Day #13: October 8-10, 2009
Pastoral Care of the Sick and Elderly
Schedule   Photos

Study Day #12: October 25-27, 2007
Four Roles of Leadership
Schedule   Photos

Study Day #11: October 26-28, 2006
Reading the Chapter - Focusing Our Vision

Study Day #10: April 14-16, 2005
Open Our Hearts: A Year of Divine Word Missionaries Reading the Bible

Study Day #9: October 14-16, 2004
Community Leadership: Modeling, Coaching, Mentoring













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