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In line with our Chicago Province policies on Sexual Abuse and Maintaining Ethical Ministry with Minors, the Secretariat of Education, Recruitment & Formation is pleased to present you with a variety of resources aimed at assisting you in educating and updating yourself on the topic of child protection. Through continued education and deeper awareness we can stop abuse before it happens!

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Truckers becoming the eyes and ears for signs of human trafficking
John Burger

Human traffickers often exploit the transportation system to move their victims across country and truckers are in a unique position to observe and report suspicious activity. Truckers Against Trafficking, a Colorado-based nonprofit offers online training for truckers as well as partnering with major transportation companies to implement anti-trafficking education among its drivers. Read...

Survivors won't be ignored, expert says after pell acquittal
Elise Ann Allen

The expert is Fr. Hans Zollner, SJ, president of the Center for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Elise Ann Allen for Crux presents his comments regarding the resulting impact on sexual abuse survivors following Cardinal Pell's acquittal of sexual abuse charges. Read...

To assist you in complying with the education requirement of the Praesidium Accreditation process, you can access links to previously posted "Articles of the Month" at childprotectArchive.

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