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How Albert Einstein's Brain Worked
Molly Edmonds
How Stuff Works

Not only was Professor Einstein's brain studied (post-mortem) but it also disappeared for a time. Read...

Christin Parcerisa

Ecotheraphy can make you feel more grounded, allows you to have a different perspective on life and can help you relax. What is it? Read...

Catholic Guide to Loneliness: How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow from It, and Conquer It
Kevin Vost, Psy.D.

Rooted in ancient philosophical and Biblical wisdom, and buttressed by modern theory and research, these pages bring you to an understanding of the root causes of loneliness and teach you remedies— secular and religious. The Catholic Guide to Loneliness includes scores of lessons about loneliness from solitary monks, modern psychologists, saints like Thomas More and Thomas Aquinas, and Christ Himself. This resource does not promise a universal cure to the pain of loneliness. It does, however, provide the wisdom— old and new— to unveil how our loneliness may be aggravated by our sins and shortcomings, and how if our loneliness is indeed unavoidable, we may bear it gracefully, indeed, even joyfully and with much fruit for the salvation of neighbor and ourselves.

ISBN: 978-1-622824-144, 176 pages, $16.95 paperback
Sophia Institute



UNAIDS: Behind Schedule and Behind the Eight-Ball
Michael Cook

In addition to last month's article about the United Nations joint program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Michael Cook of MercatorNet critiques the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. A worthy goal but is it achievable? Read...

Food Allergies: What You Need to Know
Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

Each year, millions of people have allergic reactions to food. Most reactions are mild but some can be severe. In 2004 the (U.S.) Federal Drug Administration instituted the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act as one way to help people avoid allergenic foods. Read...

Why Do My Ears Itch?

Itchy ears bothering you? There's a number of causes to consider, as well as a number of remedies to avoid! WebMD offers some advice. Read...


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Best Mattress Reviews 

Best Mattress Reviews is run by a review team of veterans from the mattress industry as well as journalists who have written extensively about sleep health and sleep products. We’re a Seattle-based crew where all those dark, rainy days really charge up our hypersomnia, and persistently lead us to the next cup of coffee. So, of all people, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and how your mattress can help or hinder that. Our goal is to give you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about what mattress is best for you, so that you sleep soundly.

Consumer Safety Guide

We’re here to help you get the answers you need about consumer and medical products. We want to educate the public and ensure consumers are informed about defective medical products, dangerous drugs, and high-risk consumer products. Our goal is to be your go-to online resource. We provide accurate, relevant information in one place, so it’s easy and convenient for you to know what risks you face. We give you information about which products and devices are safe and which ones are not – hopefully reducing your risk on a daily basis.

First off, to be absolutely clear: mattress companies do not pay us for these reviews, and all our content is unbiased and independently researched. We’re beholden to you, the consumer, and not a mattress company. We created with one goal in mind: to help answer sleep questions so everyone can have a better night’s sleep. aims to inform parents and family members of those struggling with addiction, as well as addicts and alcoholics themselves, about the options available for treating addiction. With a library of original content, we educate in simple language. While is not meant to take the place of advice from medical professionals, who should always be consulted regarding issues of substance abuse or potential behavioral health disorders, we do provide overviews and offer resources that can expedite the process of familiarizing yourself with addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, dependency, treatment and recovery topics and options.

Recall Report

Recall Report was created to alert the public to the latest information on dangerous drugs and products. With hundreds of suspected or confirmed dangerous drugs and products on the market, the up-to-date information we provide on recalls, alerts, and side effects is vital to keeping your family safe.


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